Designing Guide

A beginner’s guide to designing your own cartoon character

If you’re a keen artist who loves nothing more than whipping out their sketch pad and pen when you’re on the train, in the park or on the sofa, then it sounds like you have the passion and the artistic flair to create your very own cartoon character.

If you loved watching some of our funny cat and dog cartoon videos online because you found that they made a nice break from your work or from playing at, then you will find that drawing and designing your own characters can be just as fun and enjoyable.

The first thing you should do is decide whether your character is going to be a human, an animal or a mythical creature.

Next, start thinking about your character’s personality. The way a character looks says a lot about them. For example, a tall thin man with a curly beard, a sharp nose and a hunched back immediately gives you the impression that they are a wicked or mean character.

Once you have decided on their personality, it’s time to give them some clothes. A feisty character might dress a little unkempt or have a punk style, whereas a villain is likely to wear a cape, pointed shoes and dark colors.

Make sure your character can be identified from all angles, even from the back so your reader doesn’t get confused.

Next, decide where your character is living, it could be on earth or on a mythical land. Practise drawing sets and objects in this world because it will make your drawings more consistent.

You can develop your character by drawing them with different facial expressions. The ones to practise the most are happiness, anger, sadness and fear, as they crop up the most.

If you want to have lots of action going on in your story then you will also need to draw your character in various action poses.

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