Duffy MacTaggart

Duffy MacTaggart, Scotland’s greatest golfer of all time, manages his own top-rated golf course, barkeeps “The 19th Hole,” the favorite watering hole for golfers after a challenging round of golf, and also enjoys dabbling in the fine art of telling jokes, (to whom ever has at least one good ear devoted to hearing), whether the customer’s are willing to listen or not.

Welcome to…

 “Duffy MacTaggart & The 19th Hole”

Stop in for a pint and a joke or two after a hard day on the links…

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“Pee Time”

Even a necessary “interruption” during a round of golf won’t keep Duffy MacTaggart from completing his joke of the day…

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“Fairway to Elegance”

Picturesque backdrops and world famous celebrities can’t stop a determined Scottish golfer but there is one thing that can…

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“Duffy MacTaggart’s Public Service Announcement”

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later…

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“Bearin Up”

Duffy lends a helpful hand in protecting golfers from danger while playing golf in the Northwest part of the United States…

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