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Disney Animator, Herb Moore Elected To Board of Directors, International Children’s Art Network.

In addition to serving as a Board Ambassador for the non-profit, Friday March 16, 2012 Herb Moore,

Emmy nominated animator, becomes the latest addition to the Board of Directors for International

Children’s Art Network Corporation.


About Herb Moore

Herb Moore has been in the animation business for over twenty years, having worked at Walt Disney

Studios, Warner Bros., Universal, Cartoon Network, Hyperion, Sullivan-Bluthe, Klasky-Csupo as well as

numerous independent studios.

His list of credits include The Simpsons, Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, Superman, Batman, Justice

League, Road Rovers, Histeria, Scooby Doo, Static Shock, Rugrats, Ah Real Monsters, The Thornberry’s,

Santo Bugito, Edith Anne, Firehouse Tales, Special Agent Oso, Xiaolin Showdown, Class of 3000 and

currently Phineas & Ferb.

Herb has been nominated for two Emmys and has received five Emmy certificates for animated shows he

worked on that have won Emmys. He has also developed his own humorous animation website at where he displays his own animated short films for the all World to see.

In an effort to inspire and proffer role-models for impoverished children to meet their aspirations in fine

arts and the performing arts careers, International Children’s Art Network began approaching friends and

associates in the arts and entertainment industries to serve as Board Ambassadors, while seeking new

members of the board of directors.

The effort is intended to produce role-models for children and to serve as a community of professionals

within the industry, whose experience and expertise will benefit children through a collaboration of ideas

and promotion.

Learn more:

Mr. Moore was approached by the founders of International Children’s Art Network to not only serve as a

Board Ambassador, but serve on the Board of Directors as well. Herb Moore accepted the invitation and in a closed meeting, Mr. Moore was elected to the Board, Friday, March 16, 2012.

Mr. Herb Moore is credited with the following animations; Batman: Under the Red Hood, Animation Timer (2010), Phineas and Ferb (TV series) (supervising timing director – 7 episodes, 2009-2010) (timing director – 6 episodes, 2008-2009) (animation timing director – 5 episodes, 2008-2009), “The Simpsons” (9 episodes )

1. Homer Alone (6 February 1992) – background clean-up artist

2. Separate Vocations (27 February 1992) – background clean-up artist

3. Dog of Death (12 March 1992) – background clean-up artist

4. Colonel Homer (26 March 1992) – background clean-up artist

5. Black Widower (9 April 1992) – background clean-up artist

6. Bart’s Friend Falls in Love (7 May 1992) – background clean-up artist

7. Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? (27 August 1992) – background clean-up artist

8. Kamp Krusty (24 September 1992) – background clean-up artist

9. A Streetcar Named Marge (1 October 1992) – background clean-up artist


See more credits at

Herb Moore Emmy nominations include,

Outstanding Children’s Animated Program

for: “Animaniacs” (1993).

Shared with:

Steven Spielberg (executive producer)

Tom Ruegger (senior producer/writer)

Rusty Mills (supervising producer/director)

Liz Holzman (producer/writer)

Randy Rogel (writer)

Kevin Hopps (writer)

Nick Dubois (writer)

Charles M. Howell IV (writer)

Earl Kress (writer)

Wendell Morris (writer)

Tom Sheppard (writer)

Andrea Romano (director)

Stephen Lewis (director)

Kirk Tingblad (director)

Mike Milo (director)

Nelson Recinos (director)

Russell Calabrese (director)

Dave Pryor (director)

(Warner Bros. Television).

and Emmy nomination, Outstanding Special Class – Short-Format Animated Programs

for: “Phineas and Ferb” (2007).

Shared with:

Dan Povenmire (executive producer)

Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh (co-executive producer)

Jon Colton Barry (written by/story by)

Michael Diederich (written by)

Martin Olson (story by)

Zac Moncrief (director)

Robert Hughes (animation director)

Frank Weiss (timing director)

(Disney Channel).

For episode “The Monster Of Phineas-N-Ferbenstein”.

About International Children’s Art Network Corporation

Mission Statement:

“To meet the aspirations of children around the world seeking to further their pursuit in the arts, eliminating obstacles facing impoverished and needful individuals whom may otherwise never have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and demonstrate their talents.”


International Children’s Art Network is a non-profit Texas corporation dedicated to providing educationopportunities, funding, instruments, tools, resources and scholarships for aspiring children ages 3 to 18pursuing the arts.The non-profit provides needful children with educational funding and scholarships. Funding includesballet lessons, acting and drama lessons and materials, music lessons, musical instruments, art supplies and lessons, among other pursuits in the arts.



Jazma Online

A super huge thanks goes out to cartoon crazy Richard Vasseur at Jazma Online for the absolutely cool article, ( on me and my work at Disney on Phineas & Ferb as well as my personal website at Thanks big time Richard!!!

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I was interviewed last night, (8/03/11), by Brad Scott of the “Naked Zombie Radio Show” in Brisbane, Austrailia and what a great time we had, it was a ton of fun.  Thanks Brad for your hospitality and your friendship.  I’ll work on getting this set up as a direct link that you can see, but for now, either copy & paste this link to your browser to view the interview page or else, (it’s invisible on my screen until I pass the mouse over top of it), and then click on it:


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