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I decided to create this page as a tribute to the kindness and talent that I’m blessed with meeting along the path of my animation career.  In years past, artists have created sketchbooks where they would ask their favorite artists to contribute a drawing into their sketchbook, well in a way, that’s what I’m doing with this page, except it’s as much for your pleasure, as it is mine.  I hope you enjoy the contributions as much as I do.

Dan Povenmire, (my boss & secret Mentor):

Dan graciously created this for me so that I could put my face on my website and he did a fantastic job.

Checkout the beautiful Christina Krati’s beautiful version of Duffy MacTaggart…

A new friend & fantastically talented artist, Dan Seddon had a lot of fun creating his Duffy MacTaggart, as one can easily see.

The extremely talented Todd Millias, from the Perth area of Australia, offers a unique and captivating version of Duffy MacTaggart.  I wonder if flying the bird means the same thing down under???

Michael Michell, another new-found friend, (thanks to LinkedIn), a graduate from Sheridan College and a contributor to The Gallery with his brilliant rendering of Duffy MacTaggart.

Glenn B. Fleming, my new found friend and super awesome comic book artist:

I recently connected with Glenn through LinkedIn, and instantly fell in love with his work, so I’m humbled that he contributed such an awesome rough drawing of Duffy MacTaggart for me: thanks Glenn, I love it!!!

Jay Lender, Great friend, Director, Storyman and confidant:

Jay has been a constant source of encouragement since the first day we met and I can’t thank him enough for his support and the terrific Duffy MacTaggart drawing below.  Thanks my friend.

Joshua Otero, talented artist, illustrator and super great guy.

I love Joshua’s style and his attitude.  I wanted and hoped to display his version of DuffyMacTaggart, if he would be so kind as to create it, and WOW did he a home run!!!

Mike Milo, super creative artist and storyman, non-stop soldier of animation.

If the above introduction wasn’t enough, Mike is one of the best friends I’ve ever be blessed to have in my life.  Oh, and thanks for the fantastic Duffy MacTaggart.

Connie A. Moore, my slightly older sister, long time inspiration and by far the most talented artist in my family, (well, second only to our Father).

I couldn’t be more proud to have my sister’s version of Duffy MacTaggart – thanks Sis.

Greg Wallace, new found friend and super talent from Illinois.

I believe everything Greg draws must be “great,” even a straight line.  His Duffy MacTaggart contribution is nothing short of brilliant!!!

And when color is added…

Eddy Houchins, universally talented as well as an all-around nice person, (and plays a mean bagpipe).

Eddy’s contribution to The Gallery depicits his great sense of humor, which I appreciate and enjoy.  Thanks my friend!

Valerio Ventura, a super talented artist, producer, filmmaker, etc., and a tremendous inspiration to me personally.

Valerio’s contribution to The Gallery is an honor for me because I have such high respect for his work and for his friendship.  I truly can’t thank you enough for everything my friend.

Emma Carpendale, another newfound friend that’s loaded with talent and a marvelous love of art.

Emma and I connected through LinkedIn and she graciously accepted my invitation to draw Duffy MacTaggart in her style for The Gallery page.  Quite frankly, she caught as much of me in her drawing as she did of Duffy, ha, ha.

Chris Whittier, a great friend that I thoroughly enjoy talking shop with and I enjoy his artwork even more.

Here is a haunting reminder of one of the dangers of playing golf after dark…

Laura Murray contributes the first triptych Duffy MacTaggart in fine style.  She’s a gem of a new friend from Ireland and I’m proud to post her marvelous sketches.  Laura says: “I am currently studying Degree in animation in Ballyfermot College.  I like to sketch with pencil, graphite stick, colouring pencils.  I love drawing characters and doing quick doodles when I am bored.”

Nicolas Levy, super talent from Argentina, is a big supporter of The Gallery as demonstrated by his brilliant version of Duffy MacTaggert.


Chris Wood, a multi-talented illustrator, concept artist & designer from the United Kingdom, graciously contributes a marvelous version of Duffy MacTaggart.  Thanks Chris, it’s another brilliant piece of artwork.

Russ Hapke’s version of Duffy MacTaggart appears to show a slightly softer side to this Scottish legend, but we know better than to let that fool us: he’s as gruff & rough as they come.


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